2012 was the second-costliest year of natural disaster in history.

2012 saw many natural disasters strike across the nation, causing the death of many American citizens and inflicting billions of dollars in property and infrastructural damage. From hurricanes and earthquakes to droughts, heat waves and wildfires, events were both widespread and severe. These events surely proves that there is climate change and it’s affecting us all.


According to NCDC’s 2012 weather and climate disasters information, 2012 saw 11 weather and climate disaster events each with losses exceeding $1 billion in damages. This made 2012 the second costliest year since 1980, with a total of more than $110 billion in damages throughout the year. The 2012 total damages rank only behind 2005, which incurred $160 billion in damages due in part to four devastating land-falling hurricanes which includes hurricane Katrina. The two major drivers of damage costs in 2012 were Hurricane Sandy (at approximately $65 billion) and the year-long drought (at approximately $30 billion.)

Droughts and other natural disasters are causing the world a lot of money, lives and properties and according to experts, it is also projected that 2013 will have more damaging drought effects in comparison to 2012. Disasters like these continue to emphasize the need to protect the earth from climate change. We as people should be ready to make sacrifices to reduce climate change as much as we can. I sincerely hope the world leaders understand the predicament we face today and make decisive moves to combat climate change. We as citizens also need to change our life style in order to have a significant impact in protecting the environment.


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Food wastage must stop now!

One of the things that annoy me most in life is seeing people waste food. My travels around the world have shown me how much of a wasteful generation we are.  Few weeks ago I wrote a post title “Climate change is causing starvation in Africa” which reveals how much people are suffering from starvation due to increasing drought and flooding. If reports from several climate experts are to go by, there will be more drought this year especially in the world‘s poor nations. I believe we cannot continue to live this wasteful life especially during these challenging times. In developing nation’s famers struggle with food loss before it gets to the market due to poor preservations or lack of amenities to support advanced food storage systems.


Apart from the humanitarian implication of not wasting food, World Resources Institute reported on the environmental implication of wasting food. It is reported that you are contribution to climate change by tossing food away.  This is true because you are increasing the waste that is sent to the landfills and also wasting the water that was used in the cultivation of the crops.

According to the World Resources Institute, inside the 1.3 billion tons of food wasted every year worldwide is 45 trillion gallons of water. This represents a staggering 24 percent of all water used for agriculture. Agriculture is already the world’s biggest user of freshwater: The sector accounts for 70 percent of all water use around the world, according to the World Water Assessment Program. Those freshwater resources are diminishing fast, just as demand for them rises from millions of hungry and thirsty people joining the global population.

I think it’s important we reduce our food waste, and most importantly teaching our children not to waste food is necessary.  In the previous blog post talked about in the first paragraph, I explained why it’s important to help poor nation suffering from starvation by contributing to the world food program and assisting them in developing technology to build a sustainable agricultural process.  Kindly send your donations to the World food program by clicking this link.


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More talks about Moore, Oklahoma Tornado.

The news media has been going gaga about the devastating tornado incident at Moore Oklahoma on Monday, May 19, 2013. I am still in awe of the terrific natural disaster that left about 24 people dead and over hundred injured.  The people of Moore, OK got a visit from nature that left a mark never to be forgotten.  Moore, OK is a city I know very well and still drove through it last month on my way to Oklahoma City.

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Two of the 24 people known to have been killed in the tornado that pulverized Moore,a suburb of Oklahoma City on Monday were infants, the local medical examiner’s office announced Wednesday.Case Futrell, 4 months old, and mother Megan Futrell, 29, died of blunt-force trauma, according to an information sheet released by the Oklahoma City medical examiner’s office. A cousin told the Oklahoman newspaper’s online edition that Megan Futrell had sought refuge from the storm for herself and her baby in the walk-in cooler of a 7-Eleven that was destroyed in the storm.

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The other infant victim in the disaster is 7 month old Sydnee Vargyas.  Sydnee and her 4-year-oldsister KarrinaVargyas were the youngest of four children of Laura and Philip Vargyas.  The girls were home with their mother when the storm struck and destroyed their home and took their lives. Seven of the remaining eighth children that died in the tornado were student of the Plaza Towers Elementary School with their ages between 8 and 9 years old.


Moore Mayor Glen Lewis, on Wednesday, said he will propose an ordinance in the next couple of days at the Moore City Council that would modify building codes to require the construction of reinforced shelters in every new home in the town. This kind of ordinances should not be limited to Moore alone. All tornado prone areas should emulate such regulations too.  I really don’t know how to console these grieving families for their losses but I hope the good God replenishes their pains with good tidings.

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I think the best thing we can do as human is to support those affected in this disaster with both emotional and financial support. You can send your gift through the American Red Cross by visiting the donation link here.

God bless you as you donate.

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Scientific Studies Agrees On Human Caused Climate Change.

This is a ‘zip-it’ notice to all the climate skeptics out there (laughs…). A study from the University of Queensland is revealing an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent global warming is human-caused. Many environmental skeptics have always been arguing why we should not believe that anthropogenic climate change is real.This study puts that to rest and substantiate the reasons man-made climate change is real. The study is the most comprehensive yet, and identified 4000 summaries, otherwise known as abstracts, from papers published in the past 21 years that stated a position on the cause of recent global warming — 97 percent of these endorsed the consensus that we are seeing: human-made, or anthropogenic global warming.

John Cook who led this study said “these findings prove that there is a strong scientific agreement about the cause of climate change, despite public perceptions to the contrary. There is a gaYou-Control-Climate-Change-773583ping chasm between the actual consensus and the public perception. It’s staggering given the evidence for consensus that less than half of the general public think scientists agree that humans are causing global warming.” I think this is significant because when people understand that scientists agree on global warming, they’re more likely to support policies that take actions to stop it. It also helps to reduce the criticism of the climate change regulatory programs.

It’s not only man-made effect that causes climate change, the earths itself will experience a level of change since it’s not static in nature and there is evidence of life on it. Those changes are natural and we have no control over. The most important thing to note here is that since we cannot control the nature effects on climate change, we should do something to manage those we can control. We should work together to reduce human activities the influences climate change. Talk to someone about climate change today.


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Its Earth’s day 2013.

Today is Earth Day! Every year, April 22 is set aside as a day to honor environmental awareness and action. This year’s theme is “The Face of Climate Change”, chosen to highlight the mounting impact of global warming on people worldwide. Year in year out, Google has been there to acknowledge the Earth day by providing doodles on its website to celebrate the day. From melting polar ice in 2007 (a prophetic nod to the record Arctic melt that year), rocks in 2008, a waterfall and marine life in 2009 to parrots in 2010pandas in 2011 and animated flowers in 2012. This year, Google is commemorating Earth Day with an animated doodle showing a cycle of all four seasons.


Yesterday, the city of Reno also celebrated pre-earth day event with a lot of fun and glamour. This event brought hundreds of exhibitors to educate the public about clean and green technologies. It also highlighted discussions on human impact on the environment and ideas about sustainable living habit. The Los Angeles times also posted an article about seven ways to honor the planet which I think is interesting. Last week, I also posted a blog post on how the NBA is joining the climate campaign by celebration its 5th NBA annual earth week with different environmental awareness program planned for the week.

The earth day is a significant day and need to be celebrated with a level of sacrifices on our path. I have decided to celebrate today by not printing on any paper at the office today.  I am also going to buy food with little or no packaging. This is also a call to action for you too, kindly think of something you can do to celebrate the Earth day and share your comments about the day below. May sure you talk to someone about the danger of climate change today.


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What on earth are our leaders doing on climate change?


Everyone agrees that climate change is for real. This changing weather pattern has affected our lives and destroyed millions of properties.   Even if we differ in our beliefs of either its global warming or polar cooling, it’s still a fact that our earth is changing and we need to do something about it. Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in the average weather conditions, or in the distribution of weather around the average conditions (i.e. more or fewer extreme weather events). Like the ongoing winter storm ‘Nemo’ and the horrific hurricane sandy. Climate change is caused by factors that include oceanic processes (such as oceanic circulation), variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions, and human-induced alterations of the natural world; these latter effects are currently causing global warming, and “climate change” is often used to describe human-specific impact.

On the 8th of December 2012, world leader at the Doha UN climate summit failed to reach an agreement on how to stop the effect the climate. At the summit, Ministers endorsed the scientific consensus that man-made CO2 emissions will increase the average temperature around the globe by more than 2ºC over the next 30 years, resulting in rising sea levels and desperate water shortages in many places, and yet far from doing anything useful to diminish that threat. These leaders fails to reach agreement on major issues like  rescuing the Kyoto protocol, finance and compensation for poor countries suffering the effects of climate change, and how to structure a proposed new global climate change agreement.

During the 2013 inaugural speech of President Barrack Obama, he talked about his administrations’ resolution to do something about the effect of climate change but his desire is not enough to help the world. The whole world needs to do something about this disaster because it’s the world problem. As the British government continues to convince her citizens that it is true to its word to be “the greenest government ever”, its commitment to cutting Britain’s CO2 emissions by 34 per cent by 2020, a pledge that cannot be met without increasing energy prices to a punitive extent. And yet while China and other major producers of CO2 remain uncommitted to any target to cut their colossal emissions, the effect of a single country’s reduction will be pain without gain. They will lose the industries that depend on large amounts of electricity, and force householders to pay more for energy, without doing anything substantial to reduce the rise in global temperature. Therefore, its high time world leaders as a whole get on the table to find consensus resolutions to combat the effect of climate changes in our world.