My name is Daniel Adesina, welcome to my world!

I am engineer driven with a desire to save the world. My purpose is to be a major player in saving the world from the disaster of climate change that is destroying the beauty of our ecosystem.

In my early days, I have always been fascinated with the construction of buildings, bridges, industries, dams and other heavy engineering development and this desireencouraged me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  ‘Little did I know’that the world I was building will also be a major threat to human existence through ‘climate change’. After my realization of this fact, I decided that I will not only ‘be part of the problem but also a part of the solution’. This developed my desire to learn more about environmental sustainability and how we can save the planet for (from) human activities.

My master’s degree in Environmentalengineering from Oklahoma State University has greatly improved my knowledge and desire to make a change.  I presently work as an environmental engineer at Redhorse Corporation and also pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Nevada Reno with the hope of learning how to strike a beneficial balance between commerce and the environment. I strongly support industrialization because it has been of immense benefit to human race; therefore, I want to learn how to manage the current growth in industrialization in other to reduce its effect on the world’s environmental landscape.

I appreciate your interest in my work and hope that you find value as you explore my world. For now, I will leave you with a quote from Lucien Bouchard that says “Global warming threatens the survival of our species”. It high time we all worked together to reduce the effect of global warming in our planet.

You can make a difference. Start NOW!!!


Daniel Adesina

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