NBA is greening our world.

I am a dedicated basketball fan and patiently waiting for the playoffs as my favorite ‘team’ OKC Thunders look set for another championship appearance.  With Kelvin Durant, Russell Westbrook , Siege Ibaka and the rest of the team gearing up for their second consecutive finals  appearance with the hope of winning it all this time, all I can say is ”Go Thunders!”. The NBA (National Basketball Association) pioneers a global campaign that should be emulated by other sport associations. Last week, April 4-12, 2013, NBA flagged off its 5th “Green Week” though partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Most Sports are outdoor activities and without good air, water and clean environment sports cannot be enjoyed. Therefore the right thing to do for sport bodies is to ensure they have safe environment that will foster the growth of the game.


The NBA lined up a series of events that graced the week. You can visit the NBA website for more information about the Green week.  According to the words of NRDC Senior Scientist Allen Hershkowitz, who coordinated the organization’s development of this work, “the NBA’s commitment to reduce its ecological impact and to help educate basketball fans worldwide about the importance of environmental protection confirms why this league is regarded as one of the world’s most responsible sports organizations”. He continued by saying that “besides the tangible public health benefits that this initiative will advance, having the NBA embrace ecological criteria in its operations represents a watershed in our nation’s movement toward environmental progress.”

As we all know, sport is a major unifying factor in today society, itplays a positive role in uniting people from different social backgrounds, race, religion, culture etc in support of their favorite team.It’s just sad that it’s only the NBA that is showing their support for the environment by performing this green week at the moment. If all sports association could equally join in this campaign,it will definitely go a long way spreading the news about climate change and other environmental awareness.

I will also like the NBA to remember to include green information advert in the playoff finals maybe during one of the numerous time-outs because this will reach more audience.  Sport is the most watched program on TV and if sport organizations do something like this, it will go a long way in reaching the millions of fans watching their programs and educate them about the impact of climate change. The summer Olympics, FIFA World Cup and the Super bowl are the most watched events in television history worldwide. An environmental awareness talk during this event will reach billions of people and cultivate environmental curiosity amongst viewers especially in the developing nations where the media and internet has not fully penetrated the society.

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